FleetPulse has been designed specifically to help fleets stay one step ahead of their maintenance activities. It does this in three ways:

Simplified operations

Our swipe-to-complete checklists on the FleetPulse app streamline the once-demanding vehicle inspection process for drivers, Fleet Managers and Maintenance Managers alike. Seamlessly fitting into driver’s daily vehicle inspection checks, it allows drivers to capture defects with comments and photos, as well as follow up on unresolved issues without having to re-enter the defect details. All details are shared with the Fleet Managers in real-time. This makes documenting and addressing your fleet’s defects quicker and easier than ever before.

Reduced maintenance costs

Receiving data in real-time, enables you to review each vehicle’s status – quickly identifying unresolved and reoccurring issues. This means you can schedule services and workshop appointments before small issues become bigger problems, reducing your repair costs.

Increased time on the road

With more accurate and timely information of the state of your fleet, you’ll be able to plan your maintenance activities around your schedules. And with less major issues and unexpected breakdowns to contend with, you’ll be able to keep more vehicles on the road for longer – ensuring customer deadlines are met.