The app performs background updates of the vehicles available in the fleet, checklists available, historic checklists with defects raised, as well as tyre pressure checks if you are using TPMS, for each vehicle. These updates ensure that your drivers always have the most up-to-date information and that you receive the results of their checks in real-time (if internet connection is available).

Initial data update (on user’s login) – 125KB
Download vehicles data (historic checklists and tyre pressure checks) – 7KB
Data refresh (search for new updates e.g. bookings) – 9KB

Monthly data usage
FleetPulse uses a requires a reduced amount of data to share the results of checklists and/or tyre pressure checks:

Checklists without TPMS: 3,606KB
Checklist with TPMS: 3,610KB
TPMS only: 2KB

So if each driver has a 5GB a month plan, FleetPulse will use only 1% of that data.

Data shown is based on a driver completing 24 checks a month, with three checks including three photos.